The Taking Part by Joe Williams

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The Taking Part is a short collection of poems on the theme of sport and games, encompassing television quiz shows, pub sports, and board games, as well as more traditional sports like football, cricket and athletics.

As Joe says: 'Sport and poetry might not seem like an obvious combination, but the best sport stories are really stories about people, and I think that’s what these poems are too. Games and competition have been an important part of our culture throughout human history. They can be central to our relationships, our memories, and our ambitions, and I wanted to write about all of those things.'

'This book felt like sitting in the pub on a Sunday afternoon listening to a tipsy old man telling you all about his passions. It feels cosy, funny, endearing and light-hearted with no two poems the same. The wee clerihews dotted throughout feel like fun asides and work to break up and enhance the text.' - Fay Kesby