Swn y Morloi

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Original Maytree 001 publication 2019.

Part travelogue, part memoir; the poems in Swn y Morloi are inspired by Hannah’s frequent visits to the far west of Pembrokeshire where, once each year the author rents a small cottage and walks the wild coastal paths. The Pencaer Peninsula has all the transience of liminal coastlines, and a Millenia of back history with a plethora of standing stones and other evidence of ancient settlement, the unknown rites and rituals of ancient peoples, the often elusive wildlife which comes alive when the tourists disappear. Hannah describes the collection as a kinesthetic sequence; poetry written from within the landscape. ISBN 9781916038103

What people say:

This pamphlet is a walking trip in images on a well-beloved coastline. Around every wild corner the reader meets the elements: the birdlife making its presence known, the people, holiday makers, churchgoers, children, a weaver and historical figures, even a cat. All life is here.

- Maggie Mackay